First Dance Entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that choosing a DJ is not easy, so we encourage you to take the time to research your options. While we're confident that First Dance Entertainment is among the top DJ companies in Michigan, we also want you to be completely happy with your decision. Listed below are a few things to keep in mind throughout your search:


Q: Will the DJ you speak to be the one who performs at your event? (will there be a separate emcee?)

A: We make sure you both speak to, and meet with the specific DJ that will be at your event. Unless specifically requested by the client, we operate seamlessly with a single entertainer acting as both Disc Jockey and Emcee.

Q: Is the DJ willing to meet with you for an interview before you hire them?

A: We actually promote and recommend personal meetings with the DJ that will be entertaining you and your guests at your event. We have found through experience that the most effective way to entertain is to understand you as a client and discuss in detail the group dynamic you've invited to your reception. We accomplish this by developing a good relationship with you as a couple months in advance. Couples that utilize our unlimited meetings, prompt email responses, and courteous phone consultation can immediately appreciate the effect it will have on a great wedding day.

Q: Can the DJ supply you with written references?

A: We offer our references and testimonials on our web site, please click here to learn more about our extensive client base and praise we have received over the years.

Q: What kind of experience does the DJ have?

A: Our DJ's have completed a minimum of 450 events and 5 years of wedding experience as of the 2007 calendar year. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and extensive experience earned over many years of successful weddings.

Q: Will the DJ use professional equipment?

A: We use only the "best of the best" equipment currently available. Although we've never had an equipment failure, we carry backup equipment *just in case*. We are also constantly pioneering new and innovative equipment such as our "Direct DJ Link" which allows us to access a special national database of 3 million songs at your event. Click here for pictures of our equipment

Q: Will the DJ be involved with the planning of your event?

A: We're proud to say we prefer to be involved in the planning of your event only to offer helpful and time tested advice. We've done this for years, please feel free to ask our advice!

Q: Will the DJ host the event and interact with your guests?

A: We will Emcee the event, introduce your wedding party during your Grand Entry, and make all necessary announcements. We feel we offer the perfect mix of enthusiasm and professionalism regarding our crowd interaction.

Q: Will your DJ be suitably dressed for the occasion?

A: It is ultimately your choice on the DJ's attire, for wedding receptions, the typical attire is a modern, clean and pressed black tuxedo with a black vest. You may request other attire options such as: black suit, polo shirt and khaki pants, or casual.

Q: Is your DJ willing to discuss musical selections ahead of time, and are they willing to play requests, particularly if they are suitable for dancing?

A: During our personal meetings, we thoroughly discuss music preferences and special requests, we honor all input from both you and your guests. We respect your music tastes and honor no play lists. Our extensive crowd reading experience allows us to "read" the dance floor and play songs that will keep everybody dancing.

Q: Can your DJ provide a written contract?

A: We offer our contract online for your consideration, click here to learn more.

Q: Does your contract price include setup time?

A: Our prices are "all inclusive". There are no extra setup, teardown, or hidden fees. You will be notified if there is a mileage charge for weddings beyond our normally serviced areas. Overtime charges beyond your contracted time requirements are $125.00/hr which is also reflected in your contract.

Q: Does your DJ have knowledge of all types of music?

A: We have entertained for every time of crowd and played every type of music, which has prepared us for any preferences you or your guests may have. We carry a searchable digital database encompassing every genre of music dating back to the 1920's.

Q: Is your DJ accommodating to your needs?

A: During a wedding day, we feel the most important thing we can offer is a positive, accommodating, laid back and fun attitude. We work great with last minute changes to schedules, events and music preferences. We'll make it a great day no matter what!

Q: Does your DJ's personality match with your expectations?

A: Part of why we like to meet in person is to make sure your DJ matches your personality. This is an important part of creating a comfortable business relationship that will eventually make your reception a relaxing an fun night.

Q: Do charge a milage fee?

A: We take travel distance into consideration during the quoting process. As you can imagine fuel costs begin to make a difference beyond our normally serviced area of Livingston and Washtenaw County. We will inform you of any fuel surcharges up front.